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Improvement of energy raising and consumption reducing in mineral processing system

The processing capacity of the original designed beneficiation system of a mine concentrator is low, and the output can not meet the demand. Therefore, in order to make the product output meet the needs of the production development of the mineral processing plant, to increase the production scale of mineral processing and improve the recovery and utilization rate of mineral resources, it is necessary to improve the production capacity and reduce the energy consumption of the mineral processing system.

1、 Status of beneficiation system before transformation

1. Process configuration status

(1) Crushing system

 Jaw crusher

The production system of No.2 is a closed-circuit one Jaw crusher One standard cone crusher for medium crushing, one short head hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing, and two 1800 × 3600 mm self centering vibrating screens for screening (aperture 15 × 15mm).

(2) Grinding system

The two-stage closed-circuit production process is adopted in the grinding system. The first stage mill is a Φ 3.2 × 3.1m grid type ball mill, the second stage mill is a Φ 3.2 × 3.1m grid flow type ball mill, the first stage classifier is a φ 2400 double spiral classifier, and the second stage classifier is a φ 600 ordinary hydrocyclone.

(3) Flotation system

 The flotation machine

Flotation process The flowsheet of primary roughing, primary scavenging and secondary cleaning is adopted. There are 8 jjf-8 flotation machines for roughing separation, 1 sf-4 and 4 jjf-4 flotation machines for cleaning 1, and 1 sf-4 and 2 jjf-4 flotation machines for cleaning 2.

2. Economic indicators

The processing capacity of crushing system is 130 ~ 150 tons per hour, and the crushing particle size is - 12mm, accounting for 92%; the hourly capacity of grinding classification system is 73.57t/h, the grinding fineness is 74% (- 200 mesh content), and the unit consumption of steel ball is 645g / T; the flotation index is raw ore grade of 0.782%, concentrate grade of 25.62%, recovery rate of 88.5%; the unit power consumption of beneficiation system is 30.56g/t.

2、 Improvement of energy raising and consumption reducing in mineral processing system

1. Application of accurate ball filling

Based on the grinding theory put forward by Professor Duan Xixiang of Kunming University of science and technology, accurate ball charging is adopted for primary and secondary ball milling, which can improve grinding efficiency without reducing grinding fineness. Precision ball filling was implemented in 2005. The first stage mill adopts accurate ball diameter to ball ratio to replace the original extensive steel ball assembly, and the second stage mill uses casting forging to replace the original steel ball.

2. Improvement of speed increase of stage I mill

The primary grinding speed of ore dressing plant is only 73.5%, which belongs to low speed mill. In 2006, the first stage grinding machine was reformed in the concentrator. The mill speed was increased from 18.3 rpm to 20.7 rpm, and the speed rate was increased to 84%.

3. Improvement of overflow type of Ⅱ stage mill

The grid type ball mill is used in the design of the II stage mill of the grinding system in the ore dressing plant. With the application of casting forging instead of steel ball in the II stage mill, and the improvement of mineral processing capacity, the grid type II stage mill is no longer suitable for the fine grinding requirements of the second stage mill. In 2006, the ore dressing plant carried out overflow type transformation on the second stage grinding machine, and put into operation on January 28, 2006.

4. Reform of vibrating screen

Reducing the size of crushing ore and crushing more and grinding less are the means to further improve the processing capacity of the mill. At the beginning of April 2006, the discharge outlets of coarse crushing equipment, medium crushing equipment and fine crushing equipment were adjusted, and the size of sieving sieve hole was changed from 15 × 15mm to 14 × 14mm.

5. Transformation of flotation system

After the improvement of treatment capacity, the flotation operation time can not meet the process requirements, which affects the improvement of mineral processing recovery. According to the calculation of flotation time demand, the concentrator purchased one SF-8 and three jjf-8 flotation machines from the Red Star machine to increase the flotation operation time. The installation and transformation of flotation machine was completed on December 6, 2008.

6. Add auxiliary mill of second stage mill

When the treatment capacity is increased to 91.67 T / h, the fineness of the flotation system can only reach 69.06%. If the fineness is low, the dissociation degree of ore monomer is not enough, which seriously affects the improvement of recovery rate. Through calculation and analysis, the low fineness is mainly caused by the insufficient grinding capacity of section II. Through research and analysis, adding a mill to the second stage mill can improve the grinding capacity of the second stage mill, which can not only stabilize the daily processing capacity of 2200 tons, but also improve the grinding fineness. The transformation scheme of the second stage mill is to add a ball mill in parallel with the original overflow type ball mill to jointly undertake the second stage grinding and improve the grinding capacity of the second stage.

7. Improvement of fine crusher

Φ 2200 short head hydraulic cone crusher is used for fine crushing in crushing system. It has been used since 1977 and has been used for 32 years. Using advanced equipment to reform the old equipment and improve the performance of the fine crusher can not only effectively improve the crushing capacity, effectively shorten the start-up time, but also reduce the particle size of crushing products, more crushing and less grinding, so as to reduce the power consumption of the beneficiation system. Based on the advanced analysis of HP series cone crusher, HP300 cone crusher is selected to replace Φ 2200 short head hydraulic cone crusher to upgrade the fine crusher.

Through a series of transformation of crushing system, grinding system and flotation system, the processing capacity of mineral processing has been improved, and the conditions for the full recovery and utilization of mineral resources have been created. At the same time, the beneficiation indexes such as ball consumption, power consumption and concentrate grade have also been significantly improved, which has created considerable economic benefits for the ore dressing plant.

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