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Red Star Machine interprets three development trends of Classification Crusher

The Classification Crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment, which can control the granularity of products and grade crushing, so it is more and more widely used in various industries, and gradually become the crushing equipment of coal system. With the continuous improvement of the level, the Classification Crusher is also in continuous development. There are three development trends of Classification Crusher in the future: high reliability, high crushing strength and large crushing size. Red Star machines have a different interpretation of these three trends.

(1) High reliability

In the coal industry, the quality of coal mining equipment is directly related to the production efficiency and economic interests of customers. Due to the continuous expansion of the scale of the coal mine plant and the improvement of the working strength of the equipment, more stringent requirements are put forward for the reliability of the Classification Crusher. At the same time, the classification crushing equipment is mostly used in the key production nodes. The characteristics of classification crushing, such as easy occurrence and bad working environment, require high reliability of the equipment.

(2) High crushing strength

With the reform of coal mining mode and the promotion of mechanization, a large number of hard rocks with compressive strength of 160-250 MPa, such as white sandstone, igneous rock, coal gangue and basalt, will be produced in the production process, which puts forward high crushing strength requirements for the Classification Crusher.

(3) Large crushing size

At present, large-scale coal mines generally adopt the mining mode of fully mechanized mining + caving coal, which produces a large amount of large materials. Although this part of material in the follow-up process through the crusher particle size control, but in the actual production process, due to the traditional crusher one-way control of product size, system transportation capacity, resulting in a large number of large pieces of material can not be effectively broken. If these bulky materials can not be handled in time, it may cause system blockage, seriously affect production, and damage the middle trough, shallow groove and Belt conveyor And other related equipment; more serious will bring security problems. Therefore, the future Classification Crusher must be able to effectively solve this problem.

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