The importance and necessity of adjusting the supporting wheel of rotary kiln


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The importance and necessity of adjusting the supporting wheel of rotary kiln

The supporting wheel is Rotary kiln An important part of. In the process of kiln operation, it is very important to adjust the supporting roller, because it will affect the operation efficiency of the kiln. The following is a detailed analysis of why the supporting wheel should be adjusted.

 Rotary kiln

1. For the kiln without hydraulic stop wheel, adjusting the center line of supporting roller is the component force to balance the downward sliding of kiln body. During the installation of rotary kiln, the center line of kiln shell and supporting roller is parallel. In order to ensure the material moving forward from back to front in the kiln, the kiln barrel must have a certain inclination with the horizontal, generally 3% ~ 4%. When the rotary kiln rotates, the kiln barrel will move downward with the pulley, that is, to the low end of the kiln head. In order to prevent this kind of movement, for the kiln without hydraulic stop wheel, the center line of supporting wheel must be tilted in a certain direction at the same time, forming a small angle with the center line of kiln barrel, producing upward thrust of "spiral effect", balancing the downward component force of kiln barrel, making the kiln move freely from up to down, and each supporting wheel can bear the cylinder load evenly to maintain the axis of rotary kiln Straight line.

2. Even if the kiln with hydraulic stop wheel is installed, the uneven wear caused by uneven settlement of foundation, insufficient processing accuracy or installation not up to the specification and uneven friction will cause the axis of the wheel and supporting wheel not parallel, and this adjustment is still important. If the parallel force relationship is not restored in time, the tugboat bearing will be heated and the tire will be injured.

3. Adjusting the supporting roller not only ensures that the axis of the supporting roller is parallel to the axis of the belt, but also has an important influence on the radial force of the supporting roller.

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