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What are the main tests of magnetic separation process?

The task of magnetic separation process test is to study the beneficiability of ore, determine the ore size, separation process and conditions, and possible process indicators. This paper mainly introduces several main tests of magnetic separation process test.

 Magnetic separation process

1. Magnetic separation test of strong magnetic ore

Strong magnetic ore, mainly refers to magnetite ore, the test process depends on the disseminated particle size of the ore. The number of separation sections and grinding fineness of each section need to be determined in the test. Generally, 1 ~ 2 stage grinding separation process is adopted, and the number of separation sections may be increased when producing high-purity concentrate. Drum magnetic separator is generally used as the main separation equipment, and magnetic dewatering tank is used as auxiliary equipment. The magnetic dewatering tank can be used to remove part of tailings and fine mud before magnetic separation. After magnetic separation, it can concentrate and improve the grade of concentrate. In general, magnetic concentrate does not need to be cleaned many times.

2. Wet high intensity magnetic separation test of weak magnetic ore

Two schemes can be adopted in magnetic separation test of weakly magnetic iron ore (1) The magnetic separation method after magnetization roasting is the same as that of the strong magnetic ore, and the key is to do the magnetization roasting test; (2) for the high magnetic field magnetic separation method, the test procedure is similar to that of the weak magnetic ore, that is, the magnetic force analysis is conducted first to judge the possibility of adopting the high-intensity magnetic separation, and then the beneficiation process and test equipment are selected according to the ore particle size and mineral magnetism

3. Dry high intensity magnetic separation test of weak magnetic ore

At present, dry high intensity magnetic separation is mainly used for separation of coarse concentrate of gravity separation of nonferrous and rare metal ores. For example, wolframite can be separated from cassiterite and scheelite at 640 Ka / M (8000 a). The particle size of disk type and magnetic separator should not be greater than 3mm.

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