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What is the dynamic measurement method of rotary kiln axis?

Rotary kiln In operation, due to the uneven settlement of the foundation Adjust the supporting roller of rotary kiln The causes of the inevitable wear and improper position of the machine parts. In order to avoid affecting the normal operation of the kiln, it is necessary to measure and adjust it regularly. The specific measurement method and process are described below.

 Rotary kiln

In the past, the measurement of the axis was mostly carried out when the kiln was stopped and cooled. Because the kiln body would be deformed in the hot state, this kind of static measurement would reduce the accuracy of guiding the kiln adjustment. With the progress of measurement, the measurement accuracy of rotary kiln axis dynamic and static measuring instrument has reached a higher level. One of the following methods of measuring the position of the axis is introduced. The principle of the dynamic measuring instrument is shown in Fig. 1.

 schematic diagram

According to the stretching distance of push rod EF, namely the chord height of arc AB and the position of D point, the center coordinates of each gear rolling ring are determined, and the kiln axis is calculated. The device has the advantages of low operating position, small investment, and can adapt to the harsh environment of the site, and has little influence of human factors, so it has no special requirements for operators, and the data is reliable.

In addition, the difference between the dynamic and static axes is more in the vertical direction, while the difference in the horizontal direction can be ignored. Therefore, the laser theodolite is used to draw a reference line under the rolling ring, and the deviation of the center of each gear roller ring is directly reflected on the coordinate plate. Then, the static axis of the kiln can be obtained by calculating the deviation of the cylinder center. This kind of instrument can measure the dynamic and static axes of the kiln, and the accuracy can be less than 1.5mm, which is of great significance to the kiln adjustment.

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