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What operations are included in the beneficiation process?

After ore separation, several products can be obtained: concentrate, tailings and middling. Concentrate is the final product with high content of useful minerals obtained from raw ore after beneficiation, which is suitable for smelting or other industrial departments. Tailing is a kind of product with low content of useful minerals after ore separation, which does not need further treatment or is not suitable for further treatment economically at present. Middling is an intermediate product (or semi-finished product) obtained from raw ore after separation. The content of useful minerals is lower than that of concentrate, but higher than that of tailings. Therefore, middling needs further processing. Mineral processing is a continuous production process, consisting of a series of continuous operations. The whole beneficiation process can be divided into preparation before beneficiation, beneficiation and product treatment.

 Beneficiation process flow chart

1) Homework preparation

The preparation before beneficiation includes crushing and screening, grinding and classification. The main purpose is to separate useful minerals from gangue minerals, useful minerals and useful minerals from each other, so as to achieve monomer separation and prepare for separation operation. Sometimes the preparation is to divide the material into several suitable particle sizes to prepare for the separation operation.

2) Sorting homework

This is the key operation (or main operation) in the mineral processing process. It uses different mineral processing methods according to the different properties of minerals, such as Flotation method Gravity separation or magnetic separation, etc.

3) Product processing

Product treatment mainly includes Concentrate Dewatering and tailings treatment. Concentrate Dewatering usually consists of three stages: concentration, filtration and drying (sometimes required). Tailings treatment usually includes tailings storage and tailings water treatment.

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