The working characteristics of inertia cone crusher Henan Hongxing are analyzed in detail


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The working characteristics of inertia cone crusher are analyzed in detail

Inertia cone crusher has many advantages, such as large crushing ratio, crushing brittle materials of any hardness, small particle size, less over crushing, good grain shape, low iron content, convenient operation and installation, and energy saving. The following will be a detailed analysis of its performance characteristics.

 Cone crusher

The inertia cone crusher is full of feeding materials. The pressure caused by inertial force is applied to the material layer strictly and quantitatively. The material layer can be fully compacted, and the adjacent material particles interact with each other to "crush the material layer", so as to achieve uniform particle size and high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, under the strong pulsating impact caused by the inertial force, the material in the crushing chamber is subjected to alternating extrusion, shear, bending and torsion stresses. Because the smaller the material particles are, the less the lattice defects are and the greater the strength is. Therefore, the small particles with higher strength can break the adjacent large particles with smaller strength; in the particles with equal strength, those particles with lattice defects coincident with the shear force direction are broken. In this way, the material is mainly broken along the area between the lattices without breaking the crystal itself. The crushed material has the amount of over crushing, so the "selective crushing" of the material is achieved.

In terms of processing capacity and average particle size of products, the crushing force, discharge clearance and working frequency of inertia cone crusher are easily adjustable, so the processing capacity and average particle size of products can be adjusted to a certain extent. Because of its special crushing principle, as well as its ability of "material layer crushing" and "selective crushing", the particle shape of its crushing products is nearly square, and there are few spherical and flake like particles. In terms of working stability and continuity, the transmission device is flexible, so the occurrence of "iron crossing" and other phenomena will not cause equipment failure. The perfect structure and dynamic characteristics make it have good stability; the use of thin oil lubrication in the work ensures that it can work continuously.

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