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Wear analysis of cone liner of cone crusher

Moving and fixed cone lining plates are Cone crusher The main working parts are also easy to wear. In the working process of cone crusher, the lining plate is affected by many forces, so it is easy to wear, which affects the normal production of the crusher and the service life of the liner. In this paper, the wear of moving cone liner is analyzed in detail.

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According to the wear diagram of the moving cone liner (as shown in Fig. 1) and the wear curve (Fig. 2), it can be seen that the wear amount at different positions of the moving cone liner is also different.


From K point to H point is the feeding port section, and the liner curve in this section is approximately vertical (the dynamic and fixed cone curves are approximately parallel). Therefore, in the whole process of upward adjustment of the moving cone (within the service life), the size and particle size of the feed inlet are basically unchanged, the impact load is balanced, and the impact hardening degree of the surface is basically the same, so the wear amount of this section changes little.

The section from H point to C point is a gradual wear section. The impact hardening value of the surface of this point is from H point down to point C. due to the impact load, the surface impact hardening degree of castings decreases. In addition, the cavity gap is getting smaller from top to bottom, so the wear loss is small at H point, while at C point And in this section, the wear curve is approximately linear.

The section from point C to point a (i.e. the segment of caudal vertebra) is a non gradual wear section. In this section, with the gradual wear of the moving and fixed cone lining plate surface, the discharge port gap is also increasing. In order to ensure the product, it is necessary to adjust the moving cone upward so that the tail part of the moving cone is gradually included in the fixed cone cavity, so that the worn moving cone and the fixed cone can form a new crushing cavity type again and again, until the worn curve of the moving cone tail and the fixed cone forms a new parallel area and discharge port size.

To sum up, although the original curve does not exist within the liner wear limit, due to the consistent wear of the moving cone liner, in the production process, with the automatic adjustment of the discharge port size, new crushing cavity is formed again and again, which ensures that the product grain shape after liner wear is basically consistent with the new liner. If you want to know the wear analysis of the fixed cone liner of cone crusher, please click: http://econ-world.com/news/n220.html

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