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Wear analysis of fixed cone liner of cone crusher

Dynamic and fixed cone liner of cone crusher It is not only an important part, but also a main vulnerable part. Reasonable design and manufacture of lining plate can not only ensure the production efficiency of crusher, but also save energy, labor and raw materials, and ensure the products. This paper mainly analyzes the wear of the fixed cone liner.

 Cone break

The wear diagram of the fixed cone liner is shown in Fig. 1 and the wear curve is shown in Fig. 2.

 Wear of liner plate Wear curve of fixed liner

It can be seen from the above figure that the wear amount of the fixed cone lining plate at different positions is different. The section from K point to D point is the gradual wear section, that is, the wear amount of the fixed cone liner curve increases gradually from the top k point to the D point. Because the cone crusher bears the huge impact load of the large ore in the process of crushing the ore, it produces good surface impact hardening (made of high manganese steel), the hardness of the lining plate surface can be as high as 500hbw, so the upper end hardness value.

From point K to point D, as the large ore is gradually broken into medium or even small pieces, and broken into the required size of products, the impact load on the surface of lining plate is gradually reduced, so the impact hardening degree of surface is smaller and smaller. In addition, the volume of the lower part of the cavity is smaller than that of the upper part, and the wear of the lower part is greater than that of the upper part. Therefore, the wear curve changes approximately linearly from point K to point D, i.e. the wear loss at point K is smaller than that at point D.

From point d to point a, there is a parallel section of cavity type and a non gradual wear section. In this section, with the gradual wear of the surface of the moving cone and the fixed cone liner plate in the production process, the clearance of the discharge port is also increased. In order to ensure the product, i.e., the particle size is uniform, it is necessary to adjust the moving cone upward (automatically), which makes the tail vertebra of the moving cone enter into the cavity after the fixed cone is worn, and a new discharge opening and parallel area are formed between the tail vertebrae and the worn curve of the fixed cone.

To sum up, in the parallel section of the cavity, the wear amount is much larger than that of the upper part. The severe wear is at the entrance of the fixed cone parallel area, i.e. the section from point D and below and the section from El and above to point e of moving cone liner plate layout.

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