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How to deal with middlings produced in flotation process?

In mineral Flotation process In the middle of the cleaning, i.e. the concentrate produced by scavenging, also known as the intermediate ore. The middling treatment method is determined according to the content of synbiotics, the floatability of useful minerals and the requirements of concentrate. There are four common treatment schemes.

 Flotation process

1. Separate flotation of middlings

Sometimes middlings are not synbiotics, but their properties are relatively special, such as complicated leaching, more refractory ore particles, more mud, etc. when the floatability is greatly different from the original ore, it is not suitable to return to the previous operation. In this case, the middlings can be floated separately.

2. Regrinding of middlings

For middlings with more synbiotics, regrinding is needed. Regrinding can be carried out separately or returned to section grinding. If there are some separated ore particles in the ore, they can be returned to the classification operation. When the surface of the intermediate ore needs to be mechanically scrubbed, it can also be returned to the mill.

3. Return to the proper place in front of flotation

 The flotation machine

This method can be used to treat middlings which are mainly composed of separated ore particles. It is common to return the middlings in sequence, that is, the middlings from the later operation will return to the previous operation. When the floatability of minerals is general and the recovery rate is emphasized, the sequential return is usually adopted. In this case, the chances of middlings to undergo re concentration are less and the loss can be avoided. If the middlings have good floatability and high requirements for concentrate, the times of middling re concentration must be increased, and the middlings can be returned to the front proper operation after the middlings are merged. After the middlings are merged, they often need to be concentrated and then returned. The return forms of middlings are often varied, and sometimes the return places of middlings are determined by experiments. The general rule of middlings return is that middlings should be returned to operations with similar mineral composition, floatability and grade.

Other treatment methods

If the flotation method is not good, chemical beneficiation method can be used.

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