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How to deal with the phenomenon of top teeth of small gear and big gear ring in rotary kiln?

Rotary kiln It is a kind of rotary equipment supported by supporting wheel and driven by driving big and small gears. Due to the wear between the pulley and the liner, between the pulley and the supporting wheel, between the supporting wheel axle and the bearing bush, as well as the deformation of the cylinder or the adjustment error of the supporting wheel, the tooth tip clearance may become smaller or even zero, which may lead to the occurrence of the top teeth. This phenomenon will cause large vibration of the equipment, increase the power consumption of the motor, cause bolt loosening, and even make the kiln lining fall off. At this point, we need to take reasonable measures to deal with it.

 Rotary kiln

Generally speaking, there are three ways to deal with the top teeth.

1. The pinion moves outward. If the pinion is moved outward, the clearance can be increased directly. This is the use of reducer seat bolt holes and motor base bolt holes have room to move out. This method has less workload and is more intuitive, but the amount of adjustment is limited.

2. Cushion the base of supporting wheel. A steel plate pad is added between the base of the supporting wheel and the engine base to lift the center of the cylinder. This method can only be carried out when the kiln is shut down, and Jack should be used to jack up each block cylinder, so the workload is large, but the stress state of supporting wheel is limited. Therefore, this method is suitable for large adjustment.

3. The supporting wheel pushes inward. Push the two groups of supporting wheels of each block wheel group inward at the same time, which is equal to the center position of too high cylinder body, so that the tooth tip clearance of large and small gears becomes larger. This method can be implemented in the operation of the equipment, but the amount of propulsion is not large, and it should be noted that the bearing bush will be heated by the increase of supporting wheel force.

No matter which method is adopted, the clearance between the big gear ring and the small gear can be adjusted. Usually, Large gear ring of rotary kiln The top clearance with the pinion is generally adjusted within the range of 0.25 mm + 2 ~ 3 mm (M is the gear module). The radial deviation of the gear should be considered when determining the clearance between the teeth, which is related to the modulus of the gear. At the same time, the thermal expansion of the gear caused by the heat radiation of the kiln barrel should be considered.

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