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Repair technology of broken teeth and cracks in large gear ring of rotary kiln

In the process of rotary kiln operation, there are often such faults as broken teeth and cracks in the big gear ring Big gear and pinion top teeth These failures will have a greater impact on the normal operation of the kiln, so it should be timely. Due to the low speed of kiln and low precision of big gear ring, the general broken teeth and cracks can be repaired. Specific repair methods (tooth inlay method and surfacing method) are described below.

 Rotary kiln

Repair method of crack: first of all, drill stop hole at both ends of crack to prevent crack expansion. Dig the crack with air gouging until there is no crack. Grind the excavated part with grinding wheel to expose new metal surface, and then weld. In order to avoid the heat effect, the gear ring can be immersed in water, only the welding part is exposed to the water surface, and the surface of the adjacent surfacing part is covered with asbestos cloth. After welding, grinding shall be carried out and tooth profile template shall be used for inspection.

1) Surfacing repair method

Shovel off the broken teeth, grind them flat, expose the new metal surface, drill a number of holes along the tooth width direction, tap, and then screw in a number of bolts (the bolt specification depends on the thickness of the tooth), carry out surfacing welding on both sides of the bolts, and then grind them to make a tooth profile template for testing.

2) Tooth inlay method

For individual broken teeth and other teeth in good condition, the broken teeth can be inlaid. That is, the original broken teeth are removed by machining, the depth is more than the bottom of the tooth, and the width is the middle of the two tooth valleys to make a concave dovetail groove. Make a single tooth, the size of which is the same as that of the broken tooth. The bottom edge is made into a swallow tail for easy positioning. After the single tooth is inserted, it can be tightened with screws or welded. If welding method is used, groove can be opened at the lower edge of single tooth and ring gear joint, and the weld bead will be ground flat after welding. If there are more than two broken teeth, the above method can also be used. It is only necessary to make the joint teeth and insert them into the gear ring together. First, screw them down at the tooth groove, and then weld them firmly with welding method.

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