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How to optimize and improve the spiral classifier?

Spiral classifier In the process of working, it is easy to form a settlement dead zone in the settlement area, which leads to the reduction of the settlement area, which makes the ore particles unable to be fully graded, resulting in the overflow particle size being too coarse, affecting the improvement of classification efficiency. Therefore, the corresponding optimization and improvement can be carried out.

 Spiral classifier

The main problems of spiral classifier before improvement

1. There is a settlement dead zone in the settlement area, and the classification efficiency is low.

The large blade plate at the lower end of the spiral shaft is far away from the overflow weir, while the feed inlet is close to the overflow weir, which results in some pulp directly impacting on the spiral shaft without the spiral grading effect of large and small blades, and then sedimentation, resulting in the settlement dead zone, reducing the effective utilization area of the classification settlement area and affecting the classification efficiency.

2. The service life of spiral shaft and vane plate of spiral classifier is shortened

In the settlement area, the impact force on the screw shaft increases due to the direct impact of some pulp on the screw shaft, which accelerates the wear of the screw shaft. In addition, after the settlement dead zone exists in the spiral classifier, the friction force of the vanes increases, and the wear of the vanes accelerates, which leads to the shortening of the service life of the screw shaft and the vanes, and increases the production cost.

Optimization and improvement measures of spiral classifier

1. Settlement dead zone and screw shaft wear in classifier


In order to fully mix the slurry in the settlement area, strengthen the classification of pulp and avoid the formation of settlement dead zone, the distance between spiral vane plates in the settlement area is shortened from 350 mm to 300 mm. In addition, in order to avoid the pulp directly impacting the spiral shaft, effective measures are taken to expand the area of the graded settlement area.

2. Change the material of the leaflet

The lobular plate made of cast iron can be replaced with manganese steel one, thus prolonging the service life of the leaflet.

It also improves the efficiency of the classifier after the formation of the settling zone and improves the efficiency of the classifier after the formation of the settling zone, thus improving the production efficiency of the classifier.

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