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Causes and measures for common problems of drying crusher

Drying crusher is mainly used for drying and crushing of wet discharged carbide slag. The main problems in production are: high temperature of crusher bearing, large vibration and large current fluctuation, which affect each other. The following focuses on the analysis of the causes of these problems and measures.


Common problems of drying crusher

The problem of high bearing temperature is generally caused by the following factors.

1. The bearing self lubrication is not in place, and the heat generated by friction leads to the super high temperature;

2. In the process of bearing end cover installation, the clearance is too small and the temperature rises due to friction;

3. The high temperature gas heat radiation conduction in the crusher causes the bearing temperature to rise;

4. The vibration of broken rotor makes the bearing force uneven and the load too large, which leads to temperature rise and current fluctuation.

Measures for common problems of drying crusher

1. Strengthen the lubrication and inspection of bearings, and add appropriate amount of lubricating grease in strict accordance with the requirements to prevent temperature rise caused by lack of oil.

2. In the process of equipment installation and single machine test run, the clearance between the end cover and the main shaft shall be adjusted, especially in the normal operation with load to strengthen the inspection and timely adjustment, so as to prevent the temperature rise caused by friction and heat transfer.

3. Adjust the pressure and flow rate of bearing cooling water to prevent high bearing temperature caused by thermal radiation in crusher.

4. For the problem of crusher vibration, from the The first is to control the uniformity and stability of the amount of material entering the crusher; the second is to increase the rotation speed of the bar so as to fully disperse the mound materials and reduce the impact force on the rotor; the second is to increase the hot air temperature of the crusher, so that the material can be fully dried before entering the crushing chamber, so that it can not stick to the crushing hammer head, ensure the balance of force on the rotor and reduce vibration.

5. When the vibration is large, the current fluctuation of the main motor of the crusher is too large. Therefore, in addition to the uniform and stable feeding, reducing the impact on the broken rotor to make the force balance, it is necessary to increase the overall air flow of the system to ensure that there is enough heat to dry the carbide slag, so as to avoid the load of the main motor caused by the excessive material accumulation in the crushing chamber due to the small air flow and the increase of the rotor resistance Too much jump stop.

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