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What is the design idea of dry powder carbide slag drying crusher?

At present, the domestic drying crusher used for the production of dry calcium carbide slag is less developed and applied in China, so it is inevitable that there are still some deficiencies in design and practical application, such as failure to meet the performance indicators of the equipment itself (including the designed unit hour output and unit power consumption, etc.). Through the research, it is found that the design idea of dry powder carbide slag drying crusher should pay attention to the drying process.


According to the characteristics of carbide slag, its own strength is not high, and it is easy to self pulverize. The process of material falling on the crushing chamber and hammer head is mainly to increase the heat exchange area between carbide slag and hot air, so that it can be dried and powdered quickly. However, the crushing effect of the crushing hammer is not the main one. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the water quickly. Therefore, the following improvement measures are proposed for the existing process layout.

1. Adding a stable flow device, that is, adding a storage tank and frequency conversion plate feeding device, can make the feeding uniform and controllable. The original star feeder is changed into a sealed multi-point feeding device or a sealed wide mouth feeding mode to reduce the impact of feed fluctuation on crushing.

2. Increase the height and width of the feeder to crusher section. By increasing the height, the carbide slag can stay longer here and be fully dried. Increasing the width of the feed inlet is consistent with that of the crushing mouth. The function is to make full use of the dispersing effect of all crushing hammers, increase the drying area and reduce the impact force of materials on the broken rotor, so as to reduce the crushing vibration and the current fluctuation of the main motor.

3. Increasing the number and rotation speed of the bar from the feeding mouth to the crushing pipe can increase the residence time of the material and at the same time, the material can be pre dried and pre scattered, at the same time, the impact on the crushing rotor is reduced, and the stable operation is achieved.

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