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What basic parameters should be considered when designing belt conveyor?

The belt conveyor is a kind of transportation equipment which is widely used. In order to ensure the conveying capacity of the belt conveyor, we should not only consider it How to reduce the impact of materials on belt conveyor Also consider the basic parameters in the design. Design Belt conveyor The following basic parameters need to be considered.


1. Local temperature, altitude, earthquake intensity, humidity, wind, rain, snow and other meteorological data

For example, when the air temperature is below - 30 ℃, the designer should consider the steel material, the cold resistance and grooving requirements of the conveyor belt, the special treatment of the driving part, and the value of power and belt strength calculation. For coastal countries with high humidity near the equator, it is necessary to consider the use of hygrothermal motors.

2. Power supply voltage, frequency, voltage drop and protection level

Ask for the power range of high voltage motor, medium voltage motor and low voltage motor.

3. Characteristics of the material conveyed

The requirements of shape, bulk density and bulk density. For example, the density is used to select the bandwidth, and the large density is used for the foundation load; for viscous materials, the cleaning of the belt surface and the design of the funnel should be considered to prevent the funnel from being blocked.

4. Normal and instantaneous conveying capacity required for conveying materials

For example, instantaneous conveying capacity is used to check whether the selection of bandwidth is reasonable, and normal capacity is used to calculate power and belt strength.

5. Specific location of belt conveyor layout

For example, water cooling and other auxiliary devices should not be used in water shortage areas.

6. Requirements for motor efficiency in the country

For example, in the European Union, the motor must be a high efficiency (eff1) motor.

7. Requirements for safety protection

According to different users, different safety protection should be adopted, for example, in EU countries, the safety protection should be designed according to en620.

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