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Detailed explanation of the structure of tubular dryer

Tubular dryer is a kind of equipment which uses high temperature and high speed flue gas to dry clean coal in suspension state. It has the advantages of small floor area, large vaporization water per unit volume, short residence time of clean coal in dryer dryer It has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and low steel consumption. It is especially suitable for processing fine materials with low density. It can process 0-13mm wet cleaned coal with 0 ~ 0.5mm particle size fraction less than 40%. This paper will introduce its structure in detail.


The structure of tubular dryer includes drying pipe, coal spreader and sweeper.

1. The function of the coal disperser is to evenly send the wet clean coal into the drying pipe.

2. The drying pipe is a large vertical metal pipe, which is rolled by steel plate and can be divided into several sections, which are connected or welded by flange plate. Generally, the diameter of drying pipe is 700 ~ 1000mm and the length is 15 ~ 25mm. The diameter and length of the drying tube depend on the production capacity and the moisture content of the product. The larger the production capacity, the larger the diameter of the drying tube; the lower the moisture content of the product after drying, the longer the drying tube. The structure of the drying pipe can be divided into three parts, from the bottom of the drying pipe to the entrance of the wet clean coal is about 5 ~ 6 m, and the hot flue gas enters from this section, so the pipe is lined with refractory layer, and the outlet of bulk material and flotation clean coal pellet ball is at the bottom of the pipe; the straight pipe section from the wet clean coal inlet to the upper elbow is the drying section. In order to prevent heat loss and scald the staff, the surface of the pipe is covered with asbestos or asbestos The upper elbow is a section, which can change the direction of air flow and send the dry clean coal and waste gas into the dust collector.


3. In order to prevent the clean coal from depositing at the elbow, causing combustion and explosion, the spiral sweeper can send the accumulated coal deposited at the elbow into the dust collector. The spiral sweeper is composed of screw shaft, spiral blade and transmission device. The transmission device includes a driving device, a belt pulley and a transmission belt. The diameter of the two pulleys is equal, so the rotation speed of the two spirals is the same.

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