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How to prevent the broken gear of ball mill?

Ball mill The broken teeth of pinion will affect the normal production of ball mill and increase the production cost. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to avoid this problem. This paper introduces some effective measures to prevent the broken teeth of pinion.

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1) Strengthen the maintenance and operation of thin oil lubrication station

The ball mill operator should strictly abide by the equipment use and maintenance procedures, and frequently carry out lubrication system to ensure the integrity of high and low pressure oil pumps and pipelines and the integrity of electrical system. When the mill is started, the ball mill is started when the high pressure oil pump reaches the preset pressure. At the same time, it should be noted that when the ball mill is shut down for more than 4 h, the turning gear of the slow drive device should be started to loosen the materials in the cylinder and reduce the load during the start-up.

2) Assemble the big and small gears correctly

During the assembly of the big gear ring, the big gear ring and the end face of the cylinder shall be closely fitted, and the clearance shall not be greater than 0.05mm, the clearance at the flange of the big gear ring shall not be greater than 0.1mm, the end face runout shall not be greater than 0.35mm/m pitch circle diameter, and the radial runout shall not be greater than 0.25mm/m pitch circle diameter; lead pressing method shall be adopted for the assembly of small gear, and "tooth shape" shall be made on the teeth on both sides of the pinion with lead wire respectively, and then Rotate the gear to press lead, and then measure the top clearance and side clearance with a micrometer. Generally, the top clearance is about 8 mm, and the side clearance should be between 1.4 mm and 2.18 mm.

 Ball mill

3) Reinforce the foundation again and align it

If the whole bearing pedestal foundation has shaken, the foundation must be refilled and the anchor bolts must be replaced. The specific measures are as follows: after the original secondary pouring layer, embedded steel plate and embedded bolt, fix the embedded bolt with the embedded steel plate, re align the extension shaft with the pinion shaft, and coincide with the center line of the motor, so as to ensure that the inclination deviation between the center line of the shaft gear and the extension shaft of the mill is not greater than 0.1 mm in the length of 1 m, and then conduct the secondary pouring.

4) Avoid leakage of the end cover, clean and lubricate it regularly

If steel lining plate is used, the measures taken are to use rubber plate to stick on the end cover in advance, pad a rubber pad when fixing the bolt to prevent the end cover from leaking slurry, and fasten it immediately when the bolt is loose. In addition, the oil in the big gear ring should be cleaned regularly to keep the big and small gears lubricated well to prevent excessive wear of the gears.

5) It is used for turning the pinion

When the big gear ring and the small gear wear to form a step, the small gear of the mill is turned over to prevent the small gear from breaking.

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