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What are the advantages of spray dryer?

Spray dryer is a common drying equipment Spray drying is the process of atomizing suspension, solution, emulsion or paste material containing water into very small mist droplets through atomizer. The drying medium and droplets are evenly mixed to exchange heat and mass, so that water (or solvent) evaporates to obtain powder and granular drying products. Spray drying is the close combination of spray and drying. The degree of their combination often directly affects the quality of products. The following will focus on the advantages of this drying equipment.


Advantages of spray dryer

1. The drying speed is very fast. After atomization, the surface area of the material increases. In the high temperature air flow, 95% ~ 98% of the moisture is evaporated instantly, and the drying time is generally only 5 ~ 40s.

2. In the drying process, the material temperature will not exceed the temperature of the surrounding hot air even though the high temperature air is 80 ~ 800 ℃. Therefore, the product is good.

3. The product has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility.

4. The production process is simplified and the operation control is convenient. Spray drying is usually used to treat the solution with moisture content of 40% ~ 90%. Without concentration, it can also be dried into powder products at one time. Most products do not need to be crushed and screened after drying, which reduces the production process and simplifies the production process. When the particle size, bulk density and moisture content of the product are within a certain range, the operating conditions can be changed to adjust, which is convenient for automatic control.


5. Prevent dust from flying and improve production environment. Because spray drying is carried out in a closed drying tower, a large amount of dust of drying products is avoided. The production process of poisonous gas and poisonous gas can be prevented by closing the production process.

6. Suitable for continuous mass production. The development of modern spray drying can meet the requirements of large-scale production. Can be continuous layout, combined with wind transmission, automatic measurement and packaging, etc. to form a full-automatic production line.

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