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Structure and drying principle of fluidized bed dryer

The fluidized bed dryer is a new type drying equipment It is suitable for mixed drying of fine coal and flotation clean coal. The features of the machine are: high thermal efficiency, large amount of vaporized water per hour, large processing capacity of single unit, compact equipment layout, small floor area and few operators. This paper will introduce its structure and drying principle in detail.


Structure of fluidized bed dryer

The combustion chamber and drying chamber of fluidized bed dryer are integrated. A bypass chimney is set on one side of the dryer. The cover plate is installed on the top of the chimney, and the opening and closing of the chimney are controlled by air cylinder.

1) The combustion chamber is a cylindrical structure, its periphery is welded with stainless steel plate, lined with fire-resistant brick wall, and fire-resistant mud is filled between steel plate and fire-resistant wall. The bottom of combustion chamber is paved with refractory brick and heat insulation refractory lining, and the base is steel chassis. There are cleaning holes on the lower side of the combustion chamber, and an air ring connecting the blower is arranged in the middle. The air inlet holes are distributed on the upper part of the combustion chamber to make the air enter the combustion chamber evenly to promote the full combustion of fuel and adjust the furnace temperature.

2) The drying chamber is the main component of the fluidized bed dryer. The bed of the drying chamber is a rectangular plane, and the boundary between the drying chamber and the combustion chamber is a grate. The diameter of the grate is 22mm, the gap is between 2 and 2.5mm, and the opening rate is 7%. The feeding end of grate bar is slightly higher than that of discharge end, and its angle is 2.5 °. The upper part of the drying room is equipped with a sprinkling device to lower the temperature and extinguish the fire. In the drying process, if the parameters are out of balance, the bed temperature rises suddenly, or even causes a fire, or when the temperature of the combustion chamber exceeds 530 ℃, the automatic control device will act and stop to spray water to cool down and extinguish the fire.

Drying principle of fluidized bed dryer

The pulverized coal enters the grate chamber at the rate of 1:80, which is fully pulverized by the preheated grate, and then enters into the pulverizer with the ratio of 1:80. Wet clean coal Feeder After entering the drying chamber from the feed inlet, along the grate slope, it is blown up by high temperature and high-speed flue gas, showing a boiling state (jumping and flowing). The solid particles are surrounded by high-temperature flue gas for mass and heat exchange. As the steam pressure of drying medium is lower than that of moisture on coal particle surface, the moisture in wet cleaned coal is vaporized continuously, transferred to surrounding medium and taken away by waste gas, thus reducing the refining efficiency Moisture in coal. The dried clean coal is discharged from the discharge port, and the waste gas, vaporized steam and some clean coal less than 1.2m are recycled from the upper exhaust gas outlet of the dryer.

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