Three functions of ball mill lining plate Henan Hongxing are described in detail


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Three functions of ball mill liner are described in detail

Ball mill The lining plate (grid plate) has the function of protecting the main parts (cylinder and end cover) of ball mill from abrasion. The liner acts as a lifting cylinder in the body. In order to improve the operation rate and productivity of ball mill, the material, fixing method, structure and size of liner should be improved continuously. Wear resistance is required for the lining plate of ball mill. The lining material can be hard steel, high manganese steel, chromium steel, alloy cast iron, rubber and magnetic lining plate. The role of ball mill liner is reflected in the following three aspects.

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1. Protect the cylinder and enhance its rigidity. According to the actual data of mineral processing production, the function of ball mill liner is to protect the cylinder from direct impact and friction between grinding body and material. The mill liner is closely combined with the cylinder to enhance the stiffness of the cylinder.

2. Adjust the movement state of grinding body. The function of the liner is to make reasonable use of the energy obtained by the grinding body during the operation of the mill. At the same time, different types of liners can also be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body, so as to enhance the grinding effect of the grinding body on the materials, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, increase the output and reduce the metal consumption.

3. Automatic grading sphere. The main characteristic of graded lining board (mainly refers to cement mill) is that it has slope along the axis. The installation direction in the ball mill is that the big end is towards the grinding tail, that is, the diameter close to the feed end is large, and the diameter close to the material end is small. The shape of the liner can cause the grinding body to automatically grade along the inner channel of the mill according to its size. As a result, the large-diameter grinding body remains at the feeding end of the mill, and the small-diameter grinding body gathers at the side close to the discharge end of the wall machine. In this way, the steel balls can be automatically arranged along the axis of the grinder from large to small, that is, the steel balls can be automatically graded to meet the requirements of material grinding process.

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