An improved method of lubrication system for roller crusher Henan Hongxing is introduced


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An improved method of lubrication system for roller crusher is introduced

Roller crusher It is one of the widely used equipments in crushing field. In the working process of the crusher, the lubrication of the bearing on the roller components is the key to affect the performance of the equipment. This paper introduces an improved method of the lubrication system of the crusher, so as to better play the effectiveness of the lubrication system.

 Roller crusher

There are two ways to lubricate the roller: one is lubrication by roller. This kind of lubrication relies on manual timing and quantitative adding grease to each lubricating point of the bearing, with low automation degree and unstable oil filling amount; the other is to directly lubricate each lubricating point through multi-point grease lubrication pump. Although this lubrication mode automatically injects oil, there is no alarm when the pipeline is blocked, there is no indication of oil shortage in the pump, and the operation Department of the lubrication system is reliable.

In order to improve the automation and reliability of roller crusher lubrication system, an automatic lubrication system with low oil level alarm and pipeline blockage alarm indication is proposed (Fig. 1).

 Figure 1

The specific installation structure is as follows:

The lubricating grease is delivered to the lubricating grease distribution points 4 and 6 through the lubricating grease distributor of each oil pipe No. 4 and No. 6, and the lubricating grease is delivered to each lubricating oil distribution box through the lubricating grease distribution pipe of each oil distributor No. 4 and No. 6. A low oil level switch 2 is installed on the electric grease lubrication pump 9 to alarm the low oil level of the pump; an electric microswitch type circulation indicator 3 is installed on the progressive oil quantity distributor 5 to alarm the blockage of the pipeline. The above low oil level switch and cycle indicator are controlled by PLC of electric control system 9, which makes the operation system automatic.

The improved lubrication system has been used in the double toothed roll crusher. The lubrication is good, the degree of automation and operation reliability are obviously improved. It has a very good application prospect.

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