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How to repair the cracked frame of jaw crusher?

Jaw crusher It is a widely used crushing machine. The frame is one of the main parts of crusher. In the working process of jaw crusher, the frame body is easy to crack. If the production is replaced, not only the cost is high, the waste is serious, but also the processing cycle is long, which seriously affects the normal production of the mine. According to the cracking situation, the performance analysis was carried out and the following repair plan was formulated.

 Jaw crusher

1. Use carbon arc air gouging to open U-shaped groove on both sides

Firstly, process parameters are selected. Ax1-500 DC arc welding machine with high power can be selected to ensure the safety of the equipment. Copper plated solid According to the empirical formula, the welding current is about 300 ~ 400A; at the same time, because the pressure of compressed air is related to welding current, when the current increases, the pressure of compressed air should also be increased correspondingly, so as to make the molten metal quickly blow away by compressed air, so that the residence time of molten metal will not be too long, so as to reduce the heat affected zone and get smooth Therefore, the air compressor with pressure of 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa is selected.

Secondly, carbon arc gouging process and its control work should be done well, including preparatory work, arc striking and planing. At the end of planing, the arc should be broken first and then the air should be cut off to cool the carbon rod.

2. Manual arc welding double-sided U-shaped welding

The frame is made of low carbon steel. Due to the good welding performance of low carbon steel, it is generally not necessary to take special process measures to obtain good weld. As for the frame of the crusher, so as to ensure the stability of the crusher due to the high stress and high strength. In addition, the crusher working environment is relatively bad, if the weld can not be guaranteed, it is easy to cause weld cracking. Therefore, the welding stress and deformation should be fully considered in the welding process to ensure the welding performance and welding of the weld joint.

3. Reinforcing plate welding

After the crack welding process is completed, the weld metal shall be polished and leveled. Weld the reinforcing plate above the crack on the a side (see Fig. 1). In order to prevent the longitudinal stress generated by the crack weld from interfering with the welding reinforcement plate, only the vertical joints on both sides are welded (see Fig. 1). For the reinforcing plate above the crack at C, since the crack weld is flat welding, the reinforcing plate can be welded by ordinary method without special process.

 Figure 1

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