Research on the development of China's mining machinery industry by red star machine


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Research on the development status of China's mining machinery industry by red star machine

Mining machinery It belongs to heavy machinery equipment and serves the basic raw material industry. It is an important branch of China's machinery industry. For a long time, mining machinery plays a very important and irreplaceable supporting role in the development of mining resources, promoting the development of mining economy and the modernization of mine production. On the basis of years of research and practice, Hongxing Machinery has a more in-depth understanding and understanding of the development of China's mining machinery industry.

 Mining machinery

Since then, the mining industry has been reformed to a certain extent to meet the needs of the development of the mining industry. Due to the lack of strength and low economic benefits, some small and medium-sized mining machinery manufacturing plants and repair factories have been closed, closed, merged and transferred under the impact of the market economy, and initially formed the mining machinery production base with relatively concentrated strength. In recent years, through the introduction of products and, or the cooperation and joint venture with foreign manufacturers, the upgrading of products has been accelerated, and the mining machinery industry has made great progress: the structure, performance and appearance of traditional products have been improved and improved, and the level of manufacturing technology has been improved. In addition, some mining machinery products (mainly rock drills, rock loaders and loaders) are sold abroad (most of them are sold to developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia).

However, compared with industrial developed countries, there is a big gap between mining machinery products and manufacturing equipment. First of all, the low technological content of products, low level of repeated production and repeated construction, resulting in low labor productivity and product added value. Secondly, the overall level of China's mining machinery manufacturing equipment industry is not high, the equipment is outdated and backward, and the automation and processing accuracy are relatively low. In foreign countries, industrial robots which are widely used in key processes are rarely seen in China's mining machinery industry. Moreover, in the aspect of design, what is outstanding is the lack of originality with independent intellectual property rights and the lack of basic design data.

All the above-mentioned situations have resulted in the low reliability and poor reliability of China's mining machinery products. Due to low life, poor reliability and unstable work, it will inevitably affect the overall image of products and market competitiveness, and also seriously restrict the modernization of mining production and scientific and technological progress. Obviously, if you want to Build green mining machine, protect beautiful earth home Innovation is the way to promote the development of mining machinery in China.

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