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How to improve wear life of ball mill gear?

stay Ball mill The gear is an important part of its components. In the process of mill operation, the tooth surface wear of big gear is easy to occur, which mainly includes abrasive wear and abrasive wear. Tooth surface wear is a process in which many factors interact on the friction surface. According to the wear principle and production experience, the ways and measures to reduce the tooth surface wear of ball mill gear are as follows.

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1. Design and manufacturing

Correct selection of friction pair material, reasonable structure design and improvement of surface and machining accuracy are important conditions for reducing wear and improving wear resistance of gear. Specific measures, such as improving the machining accuracy and reducing the roughness of the tooth surface, adopting new materials to improve the hardness of the gear surface, increasing the overlap coefficient, reducing and adjusting the sliding coefficient, can improve the wear life of the gear.

2. Installation and maintenance

Good installation and maintenance is the guarantee of uniform load distribution and wear reduction of gear. In terms of installation, it is necessary to ensure the engagement accuracy of the big and small gears; in the aspect of assembly, it is necessary to reasonably assemble and timely replace the small gears; in the aspect of maintenance, the large gears should be repaired and utilized in time. These measures are beneficial to prolong the wear life of gear.

3. Lubrication and sealing

Reasonable lubrication and good lubrication condition is an effective method to reduce wear. To ensure good lubrication state, it is necessary to select appropriate lubricant and reasonable lubrication method, and to do a good job in sealing big gear.

Proper lubricant and proper lubrication method should be selected. Theoretical analysis and production practice have proved that it is appropriate to use gear oil pool lubrication for ball mill gear transmission, and the location of oil pool at the pinion is reasonable. In addition, the big gear sand (slurry) problem, do a good job in the sealing work of the big gear, in order to keep the gear in a good lubrication state.

4. Use and maintenance

Proper wear and maintenance is the premise of long service life. Good running in should be carried out in the initial stage. The running in of gear pair is an effective way to improve the wear resistance. The wear life of the newly installed gear has a great influence on the wear life of the gear during the initial wear stage (i.e. running in period). In order to achieve satisfactory running in, the no-load test run time should be appropriately extended. During the load test run, the load should be gradually loaded from light to heavy, and the interval should be extended. After the running in is qualified, the new oil shall be replaced, and the gear and oil pool shall be cleaned.

In addition, to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance. Ball mill operators must strictly abide by the equipment use, maintenance procedures and lubrication system, to regularly observe the oil level, regular refueling, regular cleaning and oil change. The big gear should be cleaned and changed at least once a year. If it is found that the gear enters into the slurry, water or other impurities, it must be stopped immediately, the gear and oil pool should be cleaned and the new oil should be replaced.

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