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Main features of slime dryer

The drying technology and equipment of high-efficiency and energy-saving drum type slime dryer is a coal slime dryer dehydration system developed by our company for high moisture, fine particle size and high viscosity of slime. It can not only improve the coal moisture content and moisture content, but also improve the coal moisture content and coal moisture content by the coal filter system.

 coal slime dryer

Main features of slime dryer

1. In the slime drying system, the commonly used feeding chute which is easy to be blocked and vulnerable is canceled, so that the dry feed can be fed directly into the dryer or through the closed feeder, which means that the "feed sealing drying dehydration discharging sealing" is integrated, One machine is multi-purpose, and the equipment layout is compact and reasonable. It reduces the height of the workshop from more than 30 meters to about 10 meters, reducing the basic investment by more than 50%.

2. In addition, the utility model has increased the utilization area of the coal dust cleaning and mud blocking device in the process of coal dust cleaning and mud blocking.

3. According to different types of hot air stoves (gas, coal and other fuels) used according to the evaporation water volume, whether the company's patented products (reciprocating combustion furnace) or the cross beam chain furnace made in the United States are selected, the operation of the equipment is very reliable, easy to operate, high degree of automation, and combustion efficiency is above 85%.

4. The emission concentration of waste gas from drying system is low, which is generally about 50mg / Nm3 or below 80mg / Nm3, which is better than the national standard (150mg / Nm3). At the same time, the vaporized water can be recycled and reused, which is environmental protection and energy saving.

5. The automatic control of drying system and automatic monitoring of production process parameters reduce the number of post personnel. A set of system only needs 2-3 people per shift, which reduces the operation cost.

6. With large processing capacity and wide application range, various materials can be dried by using different internal structure of dryer. From diameter of 300-4.5 m, the capacity of the dryer is from 300 to 4.5 M. After drying, the moisture content of the product can be reduced to 12 ± 2% (or lower, adjustable).

7. Using our company's. After being put into operation, 6-12 can recover all investment and bring significant economic and social benefits to users.

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