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Let's get to know the slag dryer

Slag dryer is a kind of dryer which is mainly used to dry slag. It has simple structure and wide application. It is a relatively affordable equipment in the current dryer. This series of dryers can not only be used to dry the slag produced by the molten rock which is smelted by iron and steel plant, but also can be used for drying carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag and other materials According to the different drying materials, dryer has a variety of names: used to dry metal powder can be called Metal powder dryer For drying iron concentrate pellets, it can be called Iron concentrate pellet dryer

 Slag dryer

The slag itself is viscous, and the wet slag will be transported to the hopper by roller conveyor belt in the drying process. The feed hopper is directly connected with the drying drum, and the wet slag will enter into the drying drum from the feeding hopper, and start to contact with the hot air flow inside the drying drum, so as to start the whole slag drying process.

Slag drying process

1. The wet slag contacts with the hot air flow inside the drying drum, and the moisture in the slag is evaporated by the temperature difference between the hot air flow and the wet slag.

2. The inner wall of the drying drum is equipped with a copying board, which can continuously pick up the slag, not only can it move the slag, but also can fully contact with the hot air flow in the process of the slag being picked up and sprinkled by the copying board, so that the heat exchange between the hot air flow and the slag is more rapid and sufficient.

3. The inner wall of the drum is equipped with a cleaning device, which cleans the agglomerates and materials adhered to the cylinder wall during the drying process to prevent blockage.

Advantages of slag dryer

1. The drying intensity is high, because the material is highly dispersed in the air flow, the whole surface of the particles is the effective area of drying.

2. The drying time is short.

3. The air dryer has the advantages of simple structure, small floor area and easy construction and maintenance.

4. Large capacity and high thermal efficiency. When the unconjugated water is dried, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%.

5. The "zero horizontal thrust" of the dryer greatly reduces the wear of the supporting wheel, and the cylinder runs stably and reliably.  

6. The dryer adopts "self-aligning supporting roller device", which makes the matching of supporting wheel and rolling ring present linear contact forever, thus greatly reducing wear and power loss.

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