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Performance comparison between new and old rotary dryers

At present, the main equipment used for drying in cement plant is Rotary Dryer and Vertical dryer Although the old rotary dryer has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient use, there are many problems such as large heat loss, low thermal efficiency, high coal consumption, difficult to control the moisture content of discharge, and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, researchers have developed a new type of rotary dryer, such as xchg new rotary dryer. The new and old rotary dryers have great differences in performance, which are analyzed in detail below.


Problems of old rotary drying system

Due to the small shape, unreasonable layout and small quantity of lifting plate in the dryer, it is easy to form a "wind tunnel" and difficult to form a uniform material curtain; the air volume of induced draft fan for dust removal is not matched, which directly affects the drying and evaporation efficiency; the furnace type selection is unreasonable. The old hand-fired furnace not only has high coal consumption, but also has low thermal efficiency and output; the drying and heating is insufficient, due to small exhaust volume and low wind speed, the furnace temperature is not high, and the drying and dust removal capacity is not enough.

Advantages of xchg new rotary dryer

1. The drying output is high, 80% ~ 150% higher than that of the same type dryer.

2. Low coal consumption and high economic benefit

3. Comprehensive high temperature fluidized bed furnace is selected. The high-temperature fluidized bed boiler has strong adaptability to coal types. It can be used bituminous coal or anthracite, or even inferior coal and slag (its calorific value only needs 1600kcal / kg fuel). Its combustion efficiency is over 95%, the temperature is uniform and the heat supply is stable. The output of the dryer can be increased by 50% ~ 80%, and the coal consumption is more than 50% compared with other furnaces. Low labor intensity and easy automation.

4. Strong adaptability. Materials with large initial moisture, even up to 30%, can be dried to less than 1%, especially some viscous materials, such as clay and fly ash, can also be dried because of the improvement of the lifting device structure. Optimize the process parameters of the system and give full play to the utilization rate of heat energy.

5. The improvement of dust removal equipment ensures the balance of "air, material and coal" in the system, improves the working environment, and achieves high quality and high yield.

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