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Working principle of magnetic suspension belt conveyor

In order to overcome the problems in the use of traditional belt conveyor, based on the theory of magnetic levitation, a new type of transportation equipment, maglev belt conveyor, is proposed. Magnetic levitation belt conveyor with electromagnetic force has the characteristics of no friction, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and small maintenance Belt deviation of belt conveyor And tear, maintenance, high energy consumption, noise, conveyor belt slip and other issues. Its working principle is described below.


The magnetic levitation belt conveyor is an electromagnetic operation system designed by using the principle of the same magnet repelling each other. The superconducting magnet with alternating polarity is embedded in the conveyor belt. After the conveyor belt is running, the magnetic flux of the suspension coil in the track changes, which makes the suspension coil produce current, which interacts with the superconducting coil to produce a repulsive force, so that the conveyor belt is suspended above the track. The gap between the conveyor belt and the track is reduced, and the electromagnetic repulsion force will increase. The repulsion force will balance the fluctuating weight of the conveyor belt and provide stable support for the conveyor.

The linear synchronous motor is used as the propulsion power of the conveyor belt. After the conveyor belt runs, the propulsion coil acts as the armature and the superconducting coil acts as the excitation in the conveyor belt. When the frequency conversion device in the substation provides three-phase frequency modulation and amplitude modulation power to the drive winding in the track, the current in the propulsion coil changes with the operation of the conveyor belt. Due to the electromagnetic induction, the superconducting coil in the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt are pushed together to move in a straight line. The running speed of the conveyor belt is directly proportional to the current frequency supplied to the propulsion coil. The frequency and voltage of alternating current in the coil are adjusted to make the conveyor belt have the ability of continuous operation.

When the conveyor belt is in the center of the track, the force generated by the guide coil and the superconducting coil counteracts each other, and the recovery force is generated when the conveyor belt moves left and right, so as to ensure that the suspended conveyor belt does not deflect along the track.

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