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Several auxiliary equipment for material drying and dewatering in Coal Preparation Plant

In the coal preparation process, in order to dry and dehydrate materials, in addition to the dryer, a series of auxiliary equipment are needed, including combustion furnace, blower, dust collector, induced draft fan, etc Feeder And discharge machine, etc. This paper mainly introduces several auxiliary equipments.

(1) Combustion furnace

The combustion furnace is the equipment which can make the fuel fully burn and produce high temperature flue gas. According to the different fuels, the combustion furnace is divided into coal-fired furnace, oil fired furnace and gas-fired furnace. According to the different methods of coal-fired boiler and coal-fired boiler, the boiler can be divided into coal-fired boiler and fluidized-bed boiler. In the thermal drying of coal preparation plant, except for fluidized bed dryer, most of them use fire bed furnace.

(2) Feeders and dischargers


Feeder and discharge machine are the control equipment of wet clean coal and dried products in and out of the dryer.

There are two functions of the feeder: feed the wet clean coal evenly into the dryer and control the feed quantity of the clean coal; it plays a sealing role to prevent the cold air from entering the dryer from the feeding end, mainly sealing. The feeders used in thermal drying of coal preparation plant include star feeder and SG type feeder.

There are also two functions of the discharging machine: the dried product is sent to the next process; the function of sealing is to prevent the cold air from entering the dryer from the discharging end, which is mainly closed. Because the dryer is working under negative pressure, the pressure of hot flue gas in the dryer is slightly less than the atmospheric pressure. Because the feeder and discharge machine play a sealing role at both ends of the dryer, it can prevent the external cold air from entering the dryer, reduce the drying temperature, thus reducing the heat loss and ensuring the product moisture. The coal separator and gas discharge machine are used.

(3) Blowers and induced draft fans

According to the fuel combustion process and thermal drying principle, in order to make the fuel continuously entering the combustion chamber fully combust, the air supply must be reasonable; in order to make the high-temperature flue gas generated by fuel combustion dry clean coal, the exhaust air must be well organized.

The function of the blower is to supply the oxygen necessary for fuel combustion and promote the full combustion of fuel. The induced draft fan is installed between the dust remover and the chimney, and has a certain suction force to overcome the flue gas passing through the combustion furnace dryer The resistance of dust remover, flue and various control gates makes it discharge from the chimney at a certain speed. Centrifugal fans are mostly used in thermal drying of coal preparation plant.

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