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How to quickly repair the rotor shaft of grate cooler hammer crusher?

In the cement production line, the grate cooler is equipped with clinker crusher Hammer crusher Because the clinker crusher bears the impact load, and the load changes frequently, the connecting key between the drive pulley and the drive shaft is loose, and then the keyway is worn. The relative movement between the pulley and the shaft occurs. The long-term belt operation of the equipment causes the wear of the inner hole of the belt pulley and the transmission shaft. In order to avoid the adverse effect of wear, it is necessary to repair the rotor shaft of hammer crusher. The following is a quick method to repair the rotor shaft.

 Hammer crusher

It is found that the composite material 221f is an effective method to reduce the impact of polymer material on the repair of rotor.

1) Repair keyway

First of all, repair welding and grinding are carried out on the worn parts of keyway, so as to basically restore the original size. Polish the surface to produce metallic luster, clean the surface with acetone, mix the 2211f material with anhydrous ethanol (analytical alcohol) in the ratio of 1:10, brush it to the repaired surface to dry in the air, and then mix the product 2211f in strict accordance with the proportion, and stir it evenly until there is no color difference. When the material is applied to the damaged part, the bonding between the material and the surface shall be ensured, and the gap between the damaged parts shall be filled up.

2) Repair the inner hole and shaft head of pulley

First of all, the surface of the shaft head is treated: degreasing, grinding and cleaning to ensure that the surface is clean and dry, and then the shaft end which is worn into taper is welded and positioned. 2291 material was mixed with anhydrous ethanol (analytical alcohol) in the ratio of 1:10, and then brushed to the repaired surface with a brush to dry. Then the product 2211f was mixed strictly according to the proportion, and stirred evenly until there was no color difference. Apply the material to the damaged part (if the gap is too large, iron sheet can be used for filling, or layered coating and curing to reduce the shrinkage), and the bonding between the material and the surface should be ensured. Then, the hammer broken pulley is used as a die for trial assembly. The surplus material is extruded, and the pulley is removed to clean up the surplus material. The material can not be knocked. The pulley can be assembled again after the installation requirements are met through the polishing machine, file and other tools. So far, the whole repair process is completed, and it takes 5h.

By using the above method, the transmission shaft head of grate cooler and the rotor shaft of blower can be repaired in an emergency way, which can achieve better results, save a lot of maintenance costs and meet the production requirements.

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