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Comparison and analysis of two kinds of thickeners by red star machine

With the development of mining industry, the concentration and dehydration workload of concentrator is increasing Thickener In order to adapt to the specific requirements of different beneficiation processes, from the traditional thickener to the deep cone thickener and then to the new thickener. The peripheral drive high-efficiency thickener is a new type of thickener. Its comparison with the traditional thickener is shown below.


The rotation of the common thickener depends on the fixed turntable and the plane bearing between the turntables. Due to the serious corrosion caused by the long-term immersion of the thickener in pulp or acid water, the wear of the plain bearing is aggravated, the rotary table sinks and the normal operation of the equipment is affected. The rotary table bearing is used in the center rotation of the peripheral drive high-efficiency thickener. It is a large-scale bearing with special structure which can bear axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient guide rotation, simple installation and easy maintenance.

Scraping device and auxiliary rake device are hydraulic control, which can automatically or manually lift the rake, providing convenience for equipment maintenance. If the overall structure of the thickener is shut down, it will be necessary to repair the whole concentrator. If there is a problem in the scraping device or auxiliary rake device of the peripheral drive high-efficiency thickener, it can be put out of the water surface for maintenance separately, and the maintenance difficulty is reduced. The position of the mud scraper of the common thickener is fixed, and the scraper of the high-efficiency peripheral drive thickener is adjustable. The user can adjust the position according to the specific situation of the site, so that the height of each mud scraper is consistent with the bottom of the tank when the equipment is running, and the operation efficiency of the equipment is improved.

The high-efficiency thickener with peripheral drive has advanced hydraulic control system. The peripheral drive and rake lift share a combined hydraulic pump station. It adopts an advanced and reliable electro-hydraulic combined system and is equipped with two sets of automatic detection devices, which can automatically measure the actual resistance of the scraper and the pressure of the hydraulic system. Through the sensor to detect the resistance of the scraper, combined with the pressure in the main drive oil circuit, the signal is sent to PLC to control the equipment to lift and lower the rake. The automatic detection device can reflect the height of deposited materials.

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