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Common problems of dryer

stay dryer In the process of production and sales, How can dryer achieve high yield and energy saving? Only you know the common problems of the dryer, such as the problem that the raw materials can not be dried at one time and the raw materials in the dryer are on fire, so that the problems can be solved immediately or nipped in the bud.


1. The reason why raw materials can't be dried at one time The dryer is too small; the calculation of air pressure and flow of air network is wrong; the dryer is not used properly.

method: Increase the temperature of the dryer, but this method is easy to cause fire in the dryer. The method is to replace or modify the drying equipment; require the dryer manufacturer to recalculate the air pressure and flow, and then provide the design change scheme according to the actual situation; consult with the dryer manufacturer to obtain the equipment instructions and learn the correct use method.

2. Cause of raw material ignition in dryer : improper use of dryer equipment; too small dryer equipment can not achieve drying and forced heating causes fire; dryer equipment design principle has problems; raw materials can not be absorbed, causing fire in the dryer.

method: Consult with the manufacturer to obtain the equipment manual, learn the correct use method of the dryer; replace or transform the dryer equipment; require the manufacturer to replace or transform the dryer equipment; check whether the dryer equipment is installed correctly, whether there is air leakage or increase the air pressure.

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