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Several methods of anti rust for dryer are introduced

How can manufacturers ensure the advantages of dryers? So, it is for the frequent treatment of corrosive materials dryer We must do a good job in anticorrosion. Generally, the dryer is composed of flat plate, cylinder and welding parts. The anti-corrosion methods of dryers with different parts and uses are different. According to the working conditions of the dryer, Red Star Machine summed up the commonly used anti-corrosion methods mainly by the following three kinds.


1. Electrostatic powder spraying

Electrostatic powder spraying is a new type of powder coating on the dryer cylinder. Many manufacturers use the old-fashioned method of spraying liquid paint on the dryer cylinder. However, these liquid paints contain a large number of organic solvents such as ester ketone and hydrocarbon. This kind of solvent is flammable, explosive and unsafe, which causes a lot of trouble for production, construction, storage and transportation. Moreover, this kind of liquid is usually toxic. After volatilizing into the air, it will cause serious pollution to the environment Dye. When we manufacture dryers, we usually use cold-rolled stainless steel. This kind of steel is very expensive, and can not have superior corrosion resistance when it is replaced by ordinary carbon steel. The corrosion resistance of powder coating used in electrostatic powder spraying method is completely comparable to that of stainless steel. We can use ordinary carbon steel instead of stainless steel. Moreover, this kind of powder coating has the characteristics of tenacity, durability, good decoration, outdoor weather resistance and heat resistance, as well as the corrosion resistance and pulverization resistance of industrial dryer, the luster and color light performance, which can completely replace the dryer made of stainless steel, and greatly reduce the cost.

2. Austenitic nickel chromium stainless steel is used for welding

There are many parts of dryer must be welded, the old welding materials often appear fracture, corrosion and other phenomena. The life of dryer is affected seriously. The difference between austenitic Ni Cr stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel lies in its poor thermal conductivity, large expansion coefficient and high resistance value during heating. These special materials must be used when welding. However, this kind of steel has high corrosion resistance and is not easy to cause fracture.

3. Passivation and phosphating

In the manufacture and production of dryer, there are many parts are made of carbon steel. If the working time is long, it is easy to cause a lot of rust on its surface, and a lot of manual derusting work is often needed. Passivation and phosphating are mainly through electrical and electrochemical reactions. Through one-time treatment, the surface of iron and steel work pieces full of rust can present the original color of metal, and at the same time, dense antirust film can be formed on the metal surface. After using this method, even if we put the equipment in a humid environment, it will not cause rust. And this method is very simple, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce investment, is a widely used anticorrosion method.

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