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Maintenance and energy saving measures of cement ball mill

Maintenance of cement ball mill

cement ball mill Therefore, it is very important to maintain the normal operation of the cement production process. Regular maintenance of cement ball mill is the premise to ensure the normal operation of cement mill. The maintenance method is as follows.

1. Whether all parts of cement ball mill operate normally.

2. Wear degree of wear parts, ready to replace severely worn parts at any time.

3. When the temperature of cement mill bearing is too high, it should be eliminated immediately.

4. The roller bearing, rotating bearing and all gears should be lubricated at any time to keep them clean.

 cement ball mill

Energy saving measures of cement ball mill

1. Adopt advanced grinding technology and equipment to save energy

Domestic vertical mill and roller press have the advantages of high output and low energy consumption (power consumption and metal consumption), which are more used in raw meal, cement and slag grinding systems. Compared with ordinary ball milling system, vertical mill and roller press can increase production by 80% - 120% and save electricity by about 30%. Enterprises can save energy by increasing production and increasing efficiency. At present, the roller press system can meet the needs of 6000t / d clinker production line, and the corresponding equipment and process can be selected according to the system. If the conventional ball mill can be transformed into a high-yield ball mill (about 30% of the investment can be saved for the high-yield ball mill), only about 30% of the existing ball mill can be transformed into an internal fine grinding system. In addition, by using the characteristics of high yield, high fineness of ground cement, the purpose of energy saving can also be achieved by adding 5% - 10% admixture. For the closed-circuit system, the equipment can be updated according to its supporting conditions. For example, if the original centrifugal separator is replaced by a more advanced high-efficiency separator or a high-efficiency combined separator with more advanced structure, the production and power saving can reach more than 30%.

2. The production cost can be reduced by increasing the utilization rate of waste residue

Now the mature methods are as follows: slag, steel slag, fly ash and other waste slag, after grinding to a specific surface area of 400 m 2 / kg ~ 600 m 2 / kg, the admixture content can be increased to more than 30%, and the raw meal prepared with carbide slag can reach 60%; in addition, the production of water sludge with raw material calcined with garbage is not a grinding category, but it is the direction of energy saving in cement production, and the waste calcination is fully used Now it has been successfully ignited in some cement plant test lines, which can make full use of garbage and ash. It not only has low pollution emission, but also is conducive to grinding, and can reduce the production cost of traditional high resource fuel by at least 30% - 40%.

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