How to choose the dryer correctly


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How to choose the dryer correctly

choose dryer In addition to considering the dryer and other factors of the dryer itself. Manufacturers also need to make a comprehensive comparison of the dryer. Because dryer manufacturers will produce a lot of dryer equipment, including Sludge Dryer Chicken manure dryer Rotary Dryer Etc. The price of dryer should also be compared. Choose dryer equipment with comprehensive performance ratio.


1. Inspection of dryer manufacturers

First of all, the drying equipment manufacturer should be inspected to find out whether the factory has experimental equipment, whether there are experimental data for this material, and how the experimental results are. We should carefully listen to the factory's report on the experimental phenomena, understand whether the manufacturing capacity of the said model is available, whether the processing means of the drying equipment factory can meet the requirements, and listen to the processing method statement of the drying equipment manufacturer for the model.

2. Performance of dryer enterprise

The level of drying equipment manufacturers depends on their work performance to a certain extent. In general, the more work performance, the stronger the equipment manufacturing capacity. Because through manufacturing equipment, it will continue to finish. If it is a machine manufacturing this model, users must be cautious, and the maturity should be carefully demonstrated.

3. Dryer enterprise

The drying equipment should be maintained frequently, and there are some difficult problems for users in the process of using. Some wearing parts have no generality. Whether the factory can provide consultation and spare parts supply for users is the problem that the user must consider when selecting the drying equipment manufacturer. Other users of drying equipment manufacturers should be inquired to understand the enterprise.

4. Investigate the same type of dryer in different enterprises

As mentioned above, drying equipment in the process of scaling up will also appear this or that problem. It is necessary to check whether the factory has the experience of manufacturing the same type of model required by users. If we have accumulated experience in this field, the equipment is relatively high.

5. To investigate the drying of the same or similar materials

If we go further, Dryer equipment manufacturer It can provide drying experience of the same material, which can increase the credibility of the project. Nevertheless, drying is a very strong discipline, which is difficult for non personnel to master in a short time. If possible, it can improve the reliability of selecting equipment manufacturers by employing drying as the gatekeeper in the project investigation.

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