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Analysis on the future development trend of belt conveyor in China

With the industrial sector's Belt conveyor With the increasing demand, the types and types of belt conveyor will be updated accordingly in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the new belt transportation to ensure the vitality and market competitiveness of belt conveyor in China. The future development trend of China's belt conveyor is as follows.


1) To the direction of high power and large traffic volume

According to the development of domestic and foreign markets, the domestic belt conveyor has a large demand space. What the market needs is the belt conveyor which can be transported with long distance, high power and large capacity. China's belt conveyor manufacturing enterprises should seize this opportunity. It is committed to improving the conveying capacity and power of domestic conveyors, improving the tedious working procedures, ensuring high-quality products, facilitating maintenance and repair, and reducing production costs for enterprises.

2) Towards intelligence

The quality of each component used in the belt conveyor will have a very obvious impact on the starting efficiency of the belt conveyor, which is related to the normal operation of the belt conveyor. One of the future research work of belt conveyor is how to improve its own performance and maintain high stability. In addition to properly introducing and learning from foreign advanced countries, it is important to actively develop their own core, introduce foreign advanced technology and actively promote the development of meta intelligence of belt conveyor in China.

The intellectualization of belt conveyor is inseparable from the performance of all components. Therefore, the mechanical manufacturing industry should actively develop more new components, appropriately improve the internal structure of belt conveyor, and try to use one machine for multiple purposes, so as to give full play to its economic benefits.

3) Towards multi-functional development

In the past, the main purpose of belt conveyor is to transport materials at two destinations. With the progress and innovation of science and technology. The types of belt conveyor at home and abroad are becoming more and more diversified. Both the shape and the function have been expanded to a certain extent, and the scope of use is also more extensive. At present, some developed countries in the world have already paid close attention to Some belt conveyors are easy to break down The corresponding improvement was carried out on the part of. The conveying system can extend the service life of the conveying system or the combination of multiple machines according to the requirements of the conveying system.

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