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Analysis of the characteristics of the existing grinding equipment by red star machine

In the industrial production of various industries, the processing of raw materials and semi-finished products needs crushing and grinding. For crushing operation, crusher is the main mechanical equipment. Crusher Up to now, although various types of machines are emerging, they can be divided into coarse crushing equipment, medium fine crushing equipment and coarse grinding and fine crushing equipment. After a long period of research on these kinds of grinding equipment, red star machine has a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the characteristics of each crushing and grinding equipment.

1. Rough crushing equipment

Due to the limitations of mining process conditions, large materials account for a large proportion of various raw materials used in industrial production. In some cases, there are several meters in size, such as block materials. These large materials are usually transported to the mine processing workshop for crushing after mining. In this process, the crusher is usually used Jaw crusher and Counterattack crusher The feed size of the two crushers can reach 2 ~ 3 m and the discharge is about 20 ~ 100 mm. This kind of crusher has stable operation, high operation rate and low failure rate, and the damage of hammer head and lining plate is not serious, so it is widely used in mining and rough limestone crushing industry.

 Jaw crusher

2. Medium and fine crushing equipment

For all kinds of raw materials processed by rough crushing equipment, the particle size is still large. Generally, the energy consumption is high and the output of mill is very low when grinding directly into the mill. Therefore, the coarse crushing equipment is usually equipped with medium and fine crushing equipment, such as Hammer crusher Vertical shaft crusher, fine jaw crusher and load crusher. The feed particle size of this kind of crusher is usually less than 200 mm, and the discharge particle size is about 3 ~ 15 mm. Because the impact speed of hammer edge is increased in the design of this kind of crusher, the speed of rotor is usually higher than that of rough crushing equipment, so the material wear is serious. However, this kind of equipment has been relatively mature due to continuous improvement in production practice.

3. Coarse grinding and fine crushing equipment

Generally, the material from the medium and fine crushing equipment can be directly fed into the mill Grinding technology However, in order to further tap the potential of the mill and save energy and reduce consumption, the pre grinding equipment such as vertical mill and roller press are introduced. This kind of equipment usually has a particle size of 20-50 mm and an average diameter of less than 3 mm, in which the powder material below 0.08 mm accounts for about 25% - 35%.

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