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Function and layout of belt conveyor tension device

The take-up device is Belt conveyor Its main functions are described in detail below. In addition, the tension force required by the belt conveyor is different in the start-up, stable operation and formulation process. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, special attention should be paid to the layout of the tension device.


Function of tension device in safe transportation of belt conveyor

1. Ensure the appropriate tension of the conveyor belt at the separation point of the driving drum, so as to ensure that the driving drum relies on the friction drive and must transfer the friction traction force to prevent the conveyor belt from slipping;

2. Ensure the necessary tension at each point on the circumference of the conveyor belt, so as to prevent coal scattering or deviation due to the unstable movement of the conveyor belt caused by the excessive suspension of the conveyor belt. Generally, the sag should not exceed 2.5% of the idler spacing;

3. Compensate the plastic deformation of conveyor belt and the change of elastic elongation under transition condition. The elastic elongation and elongation of flame retardant nylon conveyor belt are 0.3% ~ 0.6% and 1.3% ~ 1.8%, respectively. It is recommended that the tension stroke should be 1.6 ~ 2.4 + a% (a is the allowance for re joint in consideration of occurrence);

4. Provide the necessary belt length for the re joint of the conveyor belt;

5. The retractable belt conveyor used in fully mechanized mining face can be used to temporarily store the surplus conveyor belt.

Problems to be considered when arranging tension device

When the belt tension device is arranged as small as possible, the tension of the conveyor belt can be reduced as much as possible;

The conveyor with a gradient of more than 300 mm or less should be set at the side of no-load conveyor with a gradient of 5% or less;

3. For the belt conveyor with short distance and up tilt conveyor with gradient of more than 5%, the tension device should be arranged at the tail of the conveyor as far as possible, and the tail drum should be used as the tension pulley;

4. No matter what kind of tension device, it must be arranged parallel to the displacement line of the tension drum, and the applied tension force should pass through the center of the drum. The stroke of the tensioning device should be determined according to the length of the conveyor and the actual needs. The adjustment allowance of the tensioning device shall not be less than 20% of the whole adjustment stroke.

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