Analysis of negative pressure at kiln head of rotary kiln


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Analysis on negative pressure of rotary kiln head

We're using it Rotary kiln We need to pay attention to a problem, that is, the negative pressure of rotary kiln. In the working process of rotary kiln, its negative pressure will increase or decrease. Next, we will analyze the negative pressure problem of rotary kiln for you.

 Rotary kiln

Reasons for the decrease of negative pressure at the head of rotary kiln

1. When the calcination of kiln materials is not good, the particles of materials are small or the raw materials run out in the kiln, the temperature of the air in the cooler and the residual air increases rapidly, and the volume of gas expands, so that the negative pressure at the kiln head is reduced or the positive pressure is generated.

2. When the big ball is close to the mouth of the kiln, the interference of the big ball on the ventilation and flame in the kiln will be enhanced, and the negative pressure at the kiln head will also be reduced.

3. When the system collapses, the resistance of the system increases suddenly, which affects the normal ventilation of the system. At this time, the negative pressure of kiln tail and kiln head decreases.

The increase of kiln head negative pressure is due to the fact that the amount of secondary air extracted by the kiln system is greater than the supply air volume of the cooler, resulting in the imbalance between the two, or the material layer in the cooler is greatly thick, which leads to the decrease of air volume of grate cooler due to the increase of resistance, while the decrease of air volume of cooler system will increase the negative pressure of kiln head.

 Rotary kiln

The size and stability of kiln head negative pressure can directly reflect the stability of calcination temperature in kiln and the balance degree of air volume supplied by cooler to kiln system. Reasonable control of negative pressure at kiln head can make full use of hot air of cooler. Moreover, the size of negative pressure at kiln head has great influence on flame shape and temperature of kiln head, and also has certain influence on service life of kiln head cover lining.

Red Star Machine Remind the rotary kiln users: Although the kiln head negative pressure can reflect some problems, but the reaction process changes very little, so we must be careful in the normal operation process. If the negative pressure control of rotary kiln head is not good, it will have a great impact on our production.

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