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How is the indirect overflow of flotation machine produced?

The flotation machine Is common Mineral processing equipment One of them plays a very important role in the process of mineral processing. In the process of flotation, there is a phenomenon of intermittent overflow of flotation opportunity, which is caused by many factors. We need to find out the problem, and then take the right medicine to solve the problem.

Generally, this phenomenon is caused by pump surge, and the ore feeding capacity of the previous process is unstable. If the pump displacement is too large, the slurry in the pump pool is often evacuated, and the cyclone is too large, resulting in low ore feeding pressure in the stone production line. Therefore, attention must be paid to the operation in the process of treatment to ensure the liquid level of the pump pool, or replace the pump and add water in the pump pool to prevent the pump slurry from being pumped out.

The intermittent overflow of flotation machine can also produce a series of problems. The intermittent overflow of flotation machine can make the concentration of grit is low. The reasons may be that the diameter of desilting nozzle is too large, the concentration of feeding ore is low, the diameter of cyclone is too large and the pressure is small. In view of these problems, we can use different methods If the diameter of the sand settling nozzle is too large, the smaller one can be replaced. If the pressure is small due to the insufficient ore supply of the cyclone, the price of the crusher can be appropriately increased. If the concentration is low, the treatment capacity can be increased properly.

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Secondly, if the diameter of the sink is too small or the feed size of the cyclone is too large, the overflow phenomenon will be coarse, which will lead to low concentrate grade, high concentration of grit, coarse particle size and low moisture content of filter cake; if the grit nozzle is blocked, the magnetic separator will be full of ore. To solve this problem, we should first control the feed size of hydrocyclone, appropriately reduce the feed concentration, and increase the pressure. Then, according to the actual production situation, replace the larger diameter grit nozzle, change the cyclone, dredge and plug the hydrocyclone.

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