Which dryers do cement plants like to use


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Which dryers do cement plants like to use

Drying process is one of the basic thermal processes in cement industry. The quality of drying process directly affects the production of cement Dryer equipment Enough attention must be paid to it. There are rotary, suspension, flow, boiling and gravity drying equipment used in cement plant, among which rotary dryer is commonly used. Although the drying efficiency of this dryer is low and the investment is large, it has strong adaptability to materials, can dry various materials, and the operation of the equipment is simple and reliable, so it is widely used.


The moisture content of the feed material has a great influence on the output of the mill, the output of the mill and the operation of the mill. The moisture content of the feed material is high, and the fine material will adhere to the grinding body, lining plate and partition board, which will reduce the grinding efficiency; moreover, the high moisture content of the feed material will inevitably worsen the operating conditions of the mill and bring difficulties to the operation and control. In addition, the mixture ratio of the material fed into the mill will be changed by the fluctuation of moisture in the material, thus the output of the mill product will also be affected. Therefore, the drying process to remove excessive moisture is an essential part in cement production.

The drying operation can also be carried out at the same time as other operations such as crushing, powder selection, etc. at present, most of the coal powder preparation in cement plants adopts the drying and grinding system. In recent years, the drying and grinding process for cement raw materials is increasing at home and abroad. This method can simplify the process and reduce the heat consumption, but if the initial moisture content of the material exceeds the allowable range of the drying and grinding system, it is still necessary to set up another drying equipment for pre drying.

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