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 Disc feeder

Disc feeder

Disc feeder is suitable for powder ore less than 20 mm. Disc feeder purchase telephone: 0371-67772626. ...

Overview of disc feeder

Disc feeder is suitable for powder ore less than 20 mm.

 Disc feeder

Performance characteristics of disc feeder

Disc feeder is a volumetric metering feeding equipment, which can feed materials to the next process uniformly and continuously. It is suitable for feeding all kinds of non cohesive materials, but not suitable for powder materials with good flow performance. The materials suitable for feeding by disc feeder include ore, pulverized coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay and other powdery, granular or small pieces of materials.

Working principle of disc feeder

The disc feeder is composed of driving device, feeder body, measuring belt conveyor and metering device. The feeder and belt conveyor are driven by a set of driving device. The electromagnetic clutch of the driving device has the functions of starting and stopping the feeder as well as function conversion. The belt speed of metering belt conveyor is less than 1m / S. in order to measure the belt speed, a speed detection device is set up, and a detection rod is set to adjust in order to prevent the deflection of weighing roller.

Disc feeder manufacturer

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Is a large disc feeder manufacturers, the production of disc feeder with reasonable layout, easy installation and other advantages. Disc feeder reasonable price, welcome new and old customers to visit the factory to buy.

Disc feeder manufacturer address: China - Henan - Zhengzhou - high tech Industrial Development Zone - Tanxiang road - 8.

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