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 Coke dryer

Coke dryer

The main components of the system are: the first stage, the second stage, the dry system. ...

Brief introduction of coke dryer

It is a special material for steelmaking coke drying equipment, which is suitable for moisture treatment of coke particles and coke powder in front of furnace. The machine is advanced, mature and reliable. It can greatly reduce labor intensity, save investment, clean production and reduce environmental pollution.

Composition of coke dryer

Coke dryer system mainly includes: feeding device, gas-fired hot blast stove, energy-saving drying system, primary cyclone dust removal, secondary wet dust removal, discharge device and control system.

Working principle of coke dryer

The basic principle of coke pre drying is that the waste gas generated by hot blast stove is sent to the coke bin of blast furnace through pipes and high-temperature induced draft fan, and the coke is pre dried by high-temperature waste gas (350 ~ 400 ℃), so as to reduce the adverse impact of coke powder and coke moisture fluctuation on furnace conditions, so as to improve gas calorific value and temperature and improve TRT power generation To reduce the coke charge ratio.

 Coke dryer

Advantages of coke dryer

1. Using high efficiency heat source and roller external insulation measures, the thermal efficiency reaches more than 80%

2. The small drop between the components and the design of anti crushing device reduce the damage rate of coke (blue) carbon.

3. According to the drying characteristics of coke (blue) carbon, the materials with stronger adaptability are adopted. The high-temperature flue gas area is made of high-quality boiler steel plate, and the lifting plate is made of wear-resistant steel plate.

4. According to the material properties, the lifting device adopts different interval settings, so as to optimize the material lifting in each area, eliminate the wind tunnel, and increase the lifting rate to more than 35%.

5. The utility model has the advantages of less floor area, integral support of transmission device, convenient installation, reliable operation and low basic investment.

6. Soft seal with special structure, small air leakage rate.

7. Adopting the forward flow process, coke (blue) carbon drying adaptability is strong.

8. The automatic microcomputer detection and control system developed by ourselves can optimize and adjust the process parameters of the dryer online, and the thermal efficiency of the system is as high as 90%.

 Delivery site of coke dryer

Coke dryer manufacturer

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Is a large coke dryer manufacturers, the production of coke dryer with reasonable layout, easy installation and other advantages. The price of coke dryer is reasonable. New and old customers are welcome to visit our factory.

Manufacturer's free telephone number: 0371-67772626

Coke dryer manufacturer address: China - Henan - Zhengzhou - high tech Industrial Development Zone - Tanxiang road - 8.

 Coke dryer manufacturer

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