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 Double drum dryer

Double drum dryer

The double cylinder dryer of Red Star Machinery combines fluidization, swirling flow, spouting, crushing and grading organically. It is an optimized combination of fluidization, swirl, spouting and convective heat transfer. It is suitable for paste, granule, filter cake and mud with high content of equipment

Introduction of double drum dryer

Red Star Machinery's double cylinder dryer, also known as double drum dryer, organically combines fluidization, swirl, spouting, crushing and grading. It is an optimized combination of fluidization, swirling, spouting and convective heat transfer. With high content of equipment, it is suitable for drying paste, granular, filter cake and mud like materials. A variety of models have been designed according to different materials, and a series of products have been formed. It has been widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, food, mineral industry and other industries.

 Double drum dryer

Characteristics of double drum dryer

1. The double drum dryer adopts drum heat conduction tube structure, which occupies a small area and is easy to build and maintain.

2. The dryer has high drying efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency.

3. The drying intensity is high, because the material is highly dispersed in the air flow, the whole surface of the particles is the effective area of drying.

4. The double drum dryer has large capacity and high thermal efficiency. When the unconjugated water is dried, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%.

5. In the drying process, the material does not need dilution beating, which reduces the water evaporation and saves energy significantly.

6. The scraper is set on the mixing teeth in the dryer, which can timely scrape off the objects adhered to the machine wall. Avoid sticking to the wall to ensure the normal operation, stability and reliability of the equipment.

 Double drum dryer

Red Star double cylinder dryer integrates new design concept

1. The guide plate of double drum dryer can be designed into different shapes according to the actual situation to replace the traditional curved guide plate. The shape of guide plate depends on the material properties.

2. The new guide plate designed by our staff not only saves materials, but also has the function of packaging, which makes the whole drying system convenient to install and more convenient for drying materials.

3. When the traditional guide plate dries the materials, it is easy to cause the material accumulation between the cylinder and the hood. The new double drum dryer guide plate designed by our factory overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional equipment, and significantly reduces the working current of the driving motor of the double drum dryer.

Red Star Machinery in the innovation of double cylinder dryer, the use of wavelength length of another form of dryer has become a trend. This dryer equipment uses more efficient energy and can process materials quickly in a certain environment. However, the main reason why the long wave efficiency is so high is the penetration of materials.

 Red Star dryer operation site

Of course, in the future dryer, the use of steady-state vacuum drying is a more advanced. However, we found that the efficiency of the long wave dryer is proportional to E / π, so there is still a lot of room for improvement and increase in the future. For some advanced ones, we should still use more extensive tests and, if possible, make effective use of them in new facilities.

Manufacturer of double drum dryer

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is a large-scale double drum dryer manufacturer, which has the advantages of reasonable layout and convenient installation. The price of double drum dryer is reasonable. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.

Manufacturer address: No.8 Tanxiang Road, Henan Zhengzhou hi tech Industrial Development Zone, China.

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