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 coal slime dryer

coal slime dryer

Slime dryer is a kind of equipment for dewatering and drying slime, clay and limestone. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high production efficiency and strong stability. The consultation telephone number of Red Star Coal Slime dryer is 0371-67772626. ...

Picture of slime dryer

 coal slime dryer

Slime dryer is an efficient and fast material drying equipment, which can continuously and evenly dry materials with moisture content of about 60%. It has the characteristics of high drying efficiency and large output. The equipment has great application value in building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing and other fields.

Structure diagram of slime dryer

 Structure diagram of dryer

Process flow chart of slime dryer

 Process flow chart of slime dryer

The finished product is sent to the lower part of the conveyor to dry the finished product, that is to say, it is sent to the lower part of the conveyor to dry the finished product.

Advantages of slime dryer

1. It has many different specifications and models, and the production capacity of the equipment ranges from 1.9t/h to 76.0t/h.

2. By adopting advanced production, the operation parameters of the equipment are optimized. The coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment are reduced while the output of the equipment is increased, and the cost is saved.

3. Coal slime, clay, iron ore, river sand dryer can be dried, and according to the different drying materials, the equipment can be fine tuned, so that the equipment can achieve better operation state.

4. The effective volume of the cylinder is large, and the amount of material processed per unit time is high. Due to the internal lifting plate, the material can be evenly dried in the operation, and the equipment has large output and high efficiency.

5. The use of foreign advanced sealing device effectively solves the problem of difficult sealing in operation, reduces heat loss and operates.

Slime dryer manufacturer

Compared with the slime dryer produced by other manufacturers in the market, the equipment produced by Hongxing manufacturer is more worthy of recommendation for customers

1. In the case of vigorously advocating environmental protection, combined with environmental protection elements, the production equipment is novel, fashionable and environmentally friendly.

2. High, the failure rate of equipment is low, and the manufacturer can timely and effectively deal with the problems reflected by customers, so that the production of customers is more assured and at ease.

3. For slime dryer market pricing is low, can save a lot of costs for consumers.

 Installation site of Hongxing slime dryer

Philippines dryer and other equipment installation site

 Application site of dryer

Generally, the dryer is not used alone. It is often used with cement production line and mineral processing production line. Customers who need to know can call 0371-67772626. Red star can make purchase plans for them free of charge according to their needs. In addition, the manufacturer can also provide customized services to meet the production needs of users, so that enterprises can invest less money in production and gain higher economic and social benefits.

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